INA 8112078|8112078 Bearing bearings Dominica

Bore diameter:mm; Outer diameter:mm; Depth:mm
Bearing No: 8112078
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
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INA 8112078 Features:

Manufacturer - Volvo-OE no. - 8112078-Design-OE - HUB
INA 8112078 Bearings Bore diameter:
INA 8112078 Bearings Outer diameter:
INA 8112078 Bearings Depth:
INA 8112078 Weight:

INA 8112078 Bearings description

Our factory has many advanced bearing production equipment and the most advanced bearing testing methods and instruments.The movement of the frictionless parts, the smooth rotation of the steering wheel and wheels, accurate connection to the shaft, can effectively withstand heavy loads, reduce friction, and seals to protect the bearings from dirt, dirt and contaminants

INA 8112078 Bearings Additional Information

  • Material: Ultra-clean steel, longer service life
  • Maintenance-free longer service life
  • Heat Treatment: Increased Abrasion Resistance and Hardness
  • Operating accuracy: standard to P5, P6 tolerance grade
  • We guarantee the absolute quality of our products and strictly examine every step
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